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Stadtarchiv Frankfurt (Oder) (Frankfurt (Oder) Municipal Archive)

Stadtarchiv Frankfurt (Oder) (Frankfurt (Oder) Municipal Archive)

Research into Nazi-confiscated cultural property in the archive's collection
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The archive holds a 1935 list compiled by the then magistrate in order to encourage a boycott of Jewish businesses of Frankfurt (Oder). Many of the people listed were robbed of their possessions; many lost their lives. Except for the fate of one Jewish family, no detailed research has been undertaken. It is known that theft was undertaken by both private citizens and the National Socialist authorities. A copy of the list of individuals and businesses can be obtained from the Central Registry.

Research into cultural property missing from the archive
The archive suffered losses during the Second World War. Part of the archive's collection was placed in storage in 1944, some records were placed in the town hall's strong room, others were outside the city. In April/May 1945, those records still stored in the city centre were destroyed by fire, those in the town hall's strong room were looted.

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OA Targiel, Stadtarchivar (Municipal Archivist)
Stadtarchiv Frankfurt (Oder)
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15203 Frankfurt (Oder)
Tel: +49 (0) 335 6803004 or 6659610
Fax: + 49 (0 )335 6802773

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