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Central Archives of the History of the Jewish Peoples, Jerusalem

Central Archives of the History of the Jewish Peoples, Jerusalem

The Central Archives of the History of the Jewish Peoples (CAHJP) in Jerusalem were created in 1938 and formally established in 1969. The archives understand themselves as "Jewish National Archives" and hold historical records on Jewish communities in Western, Eastern and Central Europe, the Islamic countries, North and South America, South Africa and Eastern Asia. The collection includes original documents, records and files (particularly strong for Austria, France, Germany, Italy, South America and Poland); numerous archives of communities, organisations and private individuals; 6,000,000 frames of microfilmed documents; extensive lists and inventories of documents and files concerning Jews held in other archives; photographs of Jewish personalities and sites; printed statutes, reports, leaflets, posters and handbills; newspaper clippings on various subjects, and books and publications on Jewish history.

The archives are engaged in a continuous project to microfilm Jewish archives worldwide. They have also conducted extensive surveys of the holdings of non-Jewish archives, which have resulted in an important collection of inventories and registers and the rediscovery of relevant material, some of which has also been microfilmed.

The archives are a valuable resource for genealogical research and provide a useful information page for potential researchers.

On their website, the Central Archives also provide an overview of their holdings from Jewish Community archives in 19 countries. The only downloads currently available in addition to the Archival Register of the Jewish Community in Vienna (see below), are inventories of the archives of Jewish communities in Germany.

Archives of the Jewish Community of Vienna
In the 1950s and 60s, the Jewish Community of Vienna transferred its archival materials up to March 1938 and materials from March 1938 to April 1945 to the Central Archives.

The Register created for this material at the Central Archives in the 1970s can be downloaded from the CAHJP's website (in German only). There are two parts to the Register. The first covers records from 1626 to March 1938, the second one covers records from March 1938 to April 1945. A contents list precedes each register. Categories in the first part (1626 to March 1938) include, e.g. administration (finances, personnel, building maintenance), civil records, religion and worship, cemetery and burial, instruction (training of religion teachers, religious instruction), scientific institutions (library, archive, historical commission), foundations, care and welfare (adults, young people), hospital, old age home. Categories in the second part (March 1938 to April 1945) include e.g. records and documents (forced labour, confiscations), administration, care and welfare, emigration (Auswanderung), deportation (Abwanderung), independent organisations.

The Holocaust Victims Information and Support Center (HVISC) at the Jewish Community of Vienna is currently undertaking an extensive archival reorganisation and microfilming project. Its planned CD-ROM of the Archives of the Jewish Community of Vienna will include the Viennese Collections in the Central Archives.

The Central Archives also publish a list of private archives and collections on their website with brief details on the origin and size of each. Content lists can be downloaded for several of them.

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