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Mission Restitution Cultural Goods, Ministry of Economic Affairs

Mission Restitution Cultural Goods, Ministry of Economic Affairs (Commission de récupération de biens spoliés durant la deuxième guerre mondiale)

From 1993

The Mission Restitution Cultural Goods is the successor to the Office de Récupération Economique (ORE) which was set up in 1946 with the purpose of recovering Belgian artworks and archives which were plundered or disappeared during World War II. ORE published a catalogue, (the Répertoire d'oeuvres d'art dont la Belgique a été spoliée , Brussels, 1948), containing information about 301 looted works of art. After 1967 the work of ORE was continued  by the Office Belge de l'Economie et de l'Agriculture (OBEA). In 1993 the Belgian government resumed investigations under the auspices of the Mission Restitution Cultural Goods, Ministry of Economic Affairs. The latter published a catalogue of missing artworks in two volumes, complete with photographs when available, entitled Missing Artworks of Belgium, Brussels 1994.

The Ministry of Economic Affairs has also lent its support to the Study Commission on Jewish Assets in launching a project for the compilation of inventories of the collections in the Belgian museums with a view to locating works of dubious provenance.

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Ministry of Economic Affairs, Mission Restitution Cultural Goods
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(Recuperatiecel van geroofde goederen tijdens de tweede wereldoorlog
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