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Study Commission on Jewish Assets (Commission d'√Čtudes des Biens Juifs)1997 - 2001

Study Commission on Jewish Assets (Commission d'Études des Biens Juifs)


The Study Commission on Jewish Assets was created by Royal Decree of 6 July 1997, and subsequently by the Act of 15 January 1999. It was chaired by M. Lucien Buysse. Its aim was to investigate the fate of the Belgian Jewish Community's assets which were plundered, surrendered or abandoned during the Second World War. The Study Commission studied the ways in which looting took place during the Occupation, as well as the measures taken after the war by the Government and the private sector to restore the looted property to its owners or to pay compensation. The population considered in this research were those who were subject to the anti-Jewish policies adopted by the Nazi occupying forces in Belgium. The Study Commission therefore drew up a database containing information on the victims of those policies, regardless of their nationality. The Study Commission submitted a full report to the Belgian Government on 12 July 2001 and was disbanded on 1 October 2001.

A detailed summary  of the Final Report  is available on this website under Belgium: Official Reports.

The Title Page, Preface and Final Evaluation of the Commission's Final Report are also available below in English. The substance of the Report is only available in Dutch or French as below and as reproduced from the Buysse Commission site at

Title Page


Final Evaluation

Joods Real Estate in Belgium: Plundering and Restitution (1940-1963) - Dutch version

Life insurance companies from 1940 until today - French version

Financial insurance companies from WWll until today - Dutch version

The liquidation of the Brusseler Treuhandgesellschaft - Dutch version

Search for relatives of holocaust victims - Dutch version

Jewish assets in Belgium during and after WWll - Dutch version

The Möbelaktion - French version

Also on the site:

Speech of the Belgian Prime Minister on the day of the Jewish martyrdom of Belgium - in English

There are additional and complete documents on the French and Dutch language pages of the Commission's site at the link above and below.

Contact Information
M. Marc de Trazegnies
Advisor Federal Public Service
Chancellery of the Prime Minister
Rue de la Loi 16
1000 Brussels
Tel: + 32 (0) 2 213 4460

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