Wartime Art Trade :


French art galleries involved in wartime trading in looted art

The following list comprises only the names of the best-known galleries.

Charpentier. Paris. The manager of the gallery was Nasenta, Raymond
Hugo Engel. Paris, He dealt with Haberstock, Karl, a main German art dealer who sourced confiscated art for Hitler's Linz collection.
Martin Fabiani. Paris. He was in contact with the ERR.
F. Jansen. Exclusive Parisian interior design house.
Raymond Nasenta. Paris. The manager of the Charpentier gallery.
J.O. Leegenhoek. Paris.

Guidelines (February 2001) concerning the implementation of the "Joint Declaration by the Federal Government, the Länder (Federal States) and the National Associations of Local Authorities on the tracing and return of Nazi-confiscated art, especially Jewish property", BKM Bonn-Berlin 2001, p. 35 which can be downloaded from <http://www.lostart.de>