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Landesarchiv Berlin


Landesarchiv Berlin (Archive of the Federal State Berlin)

Research into Nazi-confiscated cultural property in the archive's collection
The archive has undertaken research into its collections to identify items of suspect provenance. It has identified records from the estates of the city councillor Max Cassirer (1857-1943) and the lawyer Martin Popper. Detailed information on these can be consulted on the Lost Art Internet Database, the German website on looted cultural property. The records are awaiting restitution.

Research into cultural property missing from the archive
A significant part of the archive's collection went missing from wartime storage. The majority of losses occurred in the storage locations Schloß Kietz and Rentamt Kötzlin in the Prignitz region. Information and lists concerning the archive's missing collections can be consulted in German and Polish on the archive's website under Bestände/Vermisstes Archivgut, and on the Lost Art Internet Database.

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Jürgen Wetzel, Leiter (Director)
Landesarchiv Berlin
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13403 Berlin
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