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Augustinermuseum Freiburg

Augustinermuseum Freiburg

Research into Nazi-confiscated works of art in the museum's collection
In 1935 two paintings belonging to the Freiburg freemasonic lodge became part of the museum's collection after the Nazis closed down the lodge. After the war the museum resolved the accessions with the newly-restored lodge.

In 1941 the museum took into its collection an object noted as "aus j├╝dischem Besitz" (Jewish property) belonging to a Mrs. Lili Reckendorf of Freiburg. In 1950 the object was returned to her. The museum notes that its research suggests that there are no further looted works in its collection.

Research into works of art missing from the museum
In 1937 213 works from the museum's collection were confiscated as "degenerate art". They are presumed to have been destroyed. Ten objects were looted at the end of the war in 1945 and are still missing.

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