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Jüdisches Museum Franken, Fürth (Jewish Museum of Franconia, Fürth)

Jüdisches Museum Franken, Fürth (Jewish Museum of Franconia, Fürth)

Research into Nazi-confiscated works of art in the museum's collection
In 1990, when the museum was in the process of being created, it was given several objects by a local citizen. One of these was an eighteenth century torah breastplate. Conservation work on the breastplate led to the discovery of a small note indicating the town of its provenance. This was confirmed when the museum consulted an extensive inventory of Judaica created by Theodor Haburger in 1927, which included a photograph of the breastplate and also indicated that the object belonged to the Dottenheimer family. It had been looted during Kristallnacht in 1938, when the local synagogue, Jewish businesses and private homes were destroyed. In late 1998 the museum traced the children of the only family member to have survived Nazi persecution, a son who emigrated to the USA in 1937. The object was restituted in 2000 but remains in the museum on permanent loan.

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Bernhard Purin, 'Das Tora-Schild aus Gunzenhausen', in Koordinierungsstelle für Kulturgutverluste (ed.), Beiträge öffentlicher Einrichtungen der Bundesrepublik Deutschland zum Umgang mit Kulturgütern aus ehemaligem jüdischen Besitz (Magdeburg: Koordinierungsstelle für Kulturgutverluste, 2001), 106-117. Text in German, Summary in English

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