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Kunstsammlungen Augsburg (Augsburg Municipal Art Collections)

Kunstsammlungen Augsburg (Augsburg Municipal Art Collections)

Research into Nazi-confiscated works of art in the museum's collection
Research undertaken by the Augsburg Municipal Art Collections has focused on the Karl and Magdalene Haberstock Foundation collection, which became part of the city's collection in 1957. Karl Haberstock was a Berlin art dealer who joined the Nazi party in 1933 and worked closely with the Nazi hierarchy in the seizure and disposal of looted works of art. He was officially involved in the disposal of "entartete Kunst", so-called "degenerate art" seized from German museums. In 1938 he worked as Hitler's advisor on art seized from Austrian Jews and from 1939 worked with Herman Posse who had been commissioned by Hitler to create his Linz Museum. Haberstock became Posse's most important dealer and sold him over 100 works of art for Linz. Hitler also bought directly from Haberstock who travelled widely during the war, in France, Switzerland and the Netherlands securing looted paintings.

The results of the initial research into the Haberstock collection at Augsburg show thirteen paintings as having dubious provenances. These include works by Rubens, Seiseneggger, Bordone, Oosterwyck, Berchem, Rotari, Hals, Ochtervelt, Wouwerman, van Goyen and Tiepolo. Further details and images are available on the Lost Art Internet Database (, the German website on looted cultural property.

The Municipal Art Collections state they currently lack the funds to undertake further research.

Research into works of art missing from the museum
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