Provenance Research :

Martin von Wagner Museum der Universität Würzburg, (Martin von Wagner Museum at the University of Würzburg)

Martin von Wagner Museum der Universität Würzburg, (Martin von Wagner Museum at the University of Würzburg)

Research into Nazi-confiscated works of art in the museum's collection
The museum has no information on Nazi-confiscated works of art in its collections. The only documentation that exists relates to a number of drawings the museum legally purchased in Paris during the Second World War and which were claimed by the USA once the war had ended. Other than on these drawings, no research has been undertaken in the collections so far.

The museum also holds works on loan from the Federal Government which may be of suspicious provenance. A painting by the artist Gaspar van Wittel (1653-1736), Der Quirinal in Rom (The Quirinale in Rome) is being claimed by Italy. All works are included in the catalogue of the museum's collection by Volker Hoffmann (1986).

Research into works of art missing from the museum
Most of the museum's collection (including Greek vases, paintings, sculpture and graphic collections) was placed in secure storage during the war. All objects that remained in the museum were destroyed in a bombing raid and the objects in storage were partly destroyed and/or looted by US soldiers and the local rural population. Research to date has suggested that items missing from the graphic collections include 10,000 sheets of Italian prints, approximately 100 engravings by Rembrandt and a small collection of Japanese colour woodcuts. Sculptures and 20 paintings are also missing. Among the objects known to have been destroyed are 195 paintings, the coin collection and most of the decorative arts collection. The museum is presently working on a comprehensive list of all its war-related losses.

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Dr. Tilman Kossatz
Konservator der Gemäldegalerie und der Graphischen Sammlung
Martin von Wagner Museum der Universität Würzburg
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Central Registry Archives,
Correspondence, 25 October 2002