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Family History Research Department, Leo Baeck Institute, New York

Family History Research Department, Leo Baeck Institute, New York

The Leo Baeck Institute, founded in 1955, was named after Rabbi Leo Baeck, survivor of Theresienstadt and the leader of German Jewry. It is the repository of archival material on German-Jewish history and culture and has centres in New York, Jerusalem and London. A Leo Baeck research branch was opened in Berlin in September 2001.

The Family History Research Department of the New York LBI provides advice to genealogists and family historians who wish to use the Institute's extensive collections on German-speaking Jewish families.  Materials include family trees, family histories, memoirs and Jewish community histories of German-speaking areas, in addition to archival and library holdings relating to genealogical research (biographical dictionaries, biographies, and surveys of archive holdings in Germany). The collections are listed in the LBI Master Catalog at: <>. An overview of genealogical resources is provided here.

Contact Information
Karen Franklin
Director of Family Research
LBI Family Research
15 West 16th Street
New York
NY 10011
Tel: +1 212 294 8324

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