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Bureau for Restitution and Reparations (Biuro Rewindykacji I Odszkodowan)

Bureau for Restitution and Reparations (Biuro Rewindykacji I Odszkodowan)

Founded in 1945, the Polish Ministry of Culture created this organisation to identify cultural losses and prepare restitution claims, basing their work on records of losses which were being compiled throughout the period of occupation starting in 1939. The Bureau was shut down in 1951.

It published a number of catalogues detailing wartime losses in the field of Polish painting, foreign paintings, sculpture and the decorative arts. Sources used by the Bureau included not only those from before 1939 but also questionnaires which were sent out to museums, private individuals and churches.

Ministerstwo Kultury I Sztuki, Biuro Pelnomocnika Rzadu do Spraw Polskiego Dzidzitctwa za Granica