Government Bodies :

Ministerstwo Kultury I Sztuki)

Ministry of Culture and Art (Ministerstwo Kultury I Sztuki)

The mission statement of the Ministry of Culture and Art of the Republic of Poland encompasses the cultural patrimony of Poland which, either through looting or through border change, is no longer in Poland. In particular, the State Secretary, at the time of writing Vice-Minister Aleksandra Jakubowska, is responsible for the co-ordination and overseeing of legislation and is also responsible for the realisation of projects which ensure the protection of Polish cultural heritage abroad. The official website includes information on the various departments of the Ministry, including those which deal with "revindication" (a technical term concerning restitution) and also contains useful links to various Polish museums, to their collections and State Archives.

Contact Information
Ul. Krakowskie Przedmiscie 15/17
00-071 Warszawa
Tel: +48 (0)22 620 02 31

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