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Scientific and Education Center 'Holocaust'

The Foundation was established in June 1992 as a scientific and educational Holocaust study centre. It aims to preserve the memory of Holocaust victims, creating museums and documentary exhibitions and advocating the inclusion of the subject in the curricula of schools and institutions of higher education. Within the organisation professional scientists, journalists, public figures and teachers and students from different countries are brought together. Branches of the Foundation exist in St. Petersburg, Blagoveschensk, Birobidjan, Voronezh, Vladimir, Rostov, Smolensk, Taganrog and Brest. The Foundation is a member of the Association of Holocaust Organizations.

The Center has collected personal documents, such as 2,000 letters, diaries and photographs related to the Holocaust in the USSR, from citizens of Russia, the United States, Israel and Germany. The items are included in ten personal and seven documentary collections (including the History of Jews in Russia/the USSR, Jewish Participants in the Great Patriotic War, and the History of the Holocaust and Resistance).

Furthermore, former ghetto prisoners and their families have been asked to complete questionnaires and leave their personal documents as a contribution to the collection. The first exhibition of the Holocaust Museum was prepared on this basis and it opened in 1998. The Museum is currently digitising a database with more than 7,000 entries of the collected documents, which will be accessible on the homepage soon.

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Scientific and Educational Centre "Holocaust"
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