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The National Library of Russia (Rossiiskaia Natsional'naya Biblioteka)

The National Library of Russia, founded in 1795, is the oldest state library in Russia. It holds over 32.8 million items, of which six million are in foreign languages. One of the world's largest libraries, it possesses the most complete collection of publications in Russian.
The National Library is relevant for research on looted cultural property as books which were taken from other European countries and brought to Russia by the Soviet Trophy Brigade during the Second World War are still stored there.

An online catalogue on displaced books held in the Library has been digitised in the framework of the Internet Project 'Restitutsiya'. The catalogue is accessible on

In addition, the Library operates an Electronic Document Delivery Service. It enables web users to order and receive electronic copies of documents and books which are part of the Library's collections. The Electronic Document Delivery Service and the Library's OPAC are accessible at

Contact Information
The National Library of Russia
18, ul. Sadovaya
St. Petersburg, 191069
Tel.: 007 812 310 2856
Fax: 007 812 310 6148

The National Library of Russia
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