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Institute of Jewish Studies, Kiev

Institute of Jewish Studies, Kiev

The Institute of Jewish Studies specialises in research in the field of Jewish history and culture in the Ukraine. In addition to a long list of publications (detailed on their website), the Institute is responsible for the organisation of research, conferences and lectures, archives, art exhibitions and bibliographic programmes.

The projects of the Institute include:

  • Research of Jewish documents in the Ukrainian state archives
  • Study of the history of repression against Jews and Jewish culture according to the archives of the DPU, NKVD and KGB
  • Formation of the Jewish World photo-archive (containing photographs dating from the end of the nineteenth to the beginning of the twentieth century)
  • Revival of Jewish life in the Ukraine
  • Study of the history of the Holocaust
  • Formation of a film archive: Jewish themes in Ukrainian cinematography
  • Creation of the Ukrainian Encyclopaedia Judaica

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    Institute of Jewish Studies
    ul. Kurskaia 6
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    Tel: +380 (0) 44 2713589 or 2119476
    Fax: +380 (0) 44 2139149
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