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Volunteer Opportunities

Please note: We are currently not accepting applications for volunteer and internship positions. 

The Central Registry welcomes volunteers and interns from all countries to assist with its Information and Provenance Research Projects on Nazi looted art. Both areas are open to undergraduates and graduates, especially in art history, history, languages and law. Equally welcome are applications from volunteers with language, web publishing, typing, computer and other relevant skills, or from those wishing to acquire them. We also offer excellent partnership opportunities for individual MA and other research projects. Language skills are essential, with German a priority, also French, Dutch, Italian and other languages.

Our structured volunteer and internship program provides opportunities to gain practical experience and specialised knowledge in the following areas:

1.   Provenance research
2.   Archival research
3.   Country research
4.   Case studies of individual families or collections
5.   Dealer records project
6.   Auction house catalogues and records project (all countries)
7.   Artworks Data Collection Project (all countries)
8.   Translations
9.   Historic and contemporary publications retrieval
10. Data formatting and data entry
11. Web publishing
12. Electronic processing and preparation of historic documents
13. Proofreading and editing

Internships are full time with a minimum duration of sixteen weeks. Volunteer opportunities can be part-time or full time.

While a number of positions are available at our London office, we are also interested in hearing from volunteers wishing to conduct independent research in the United States, Germany, Austria, Czech Republic, France, Benelux, Switzerland, Sweden and in other countries.

Volunteer and intern recruitment takes place throughout the year, but we wish to stress that competition for summer internships is intense, making early application advisable.

Please provide a CV and application letter stating which of the opportunities most interest you and/or best meet your skills and aims.

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