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Looted! Current questions regarding the cultural looting by the National Socialists in Europe


Marie-Paul Jungblut (ed)


October 2008



This book illuminates the mechanisms of systematic pillaging in the occupied countries of Western Europe. Contributions to an international symposium which took place on 14-15 October 2005 present current issues related to provenance research and restitution. This is also a documentation of the exhibition “Ausgeraubt! Neue Fragen zur Geschichte Luxemburgs während des Zweiten Weltkrieges” ("Looted! New questions on the history of Luxembourg during the Second World War") as well as an analysis of the response to the exhibition curated by Jörn Borchert at the Historical Museum of the City of Luxembourg (Musée d'Histoire de la Ville de Luxembourg) between 11 May and 23 October 2005. The focus is on the historic aspects of plundering, the players and interests in provenance research, the legal framework, government commissions, museums, art detectives and auction houses. (Publication scientifiques du Musee d'histoire de la Ville de Luxembourg, XIII)

There is also a German edition with the title: Ausgeraubt! Aktuelle Fragen zum nationalsozialistischen Kulturgutraub in Europa. 

The publisher was Deutscher Kunstverlag (Berlin), ISBN 9783422068148.

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