Presentations and Reports :

First Global Report on Restitution of Jewish Property 1952-2004 (Jerusalem 2005)

The report is divided into several parts. 

Chapter 1 deals with "German Responsibiity (Where it all began)".

Chapter 2 is called "The Jewish Material Damage during the Shoah (The Result)".

Chapter 3 is "Unresolved Issues (What needs to be done)".

There are four appendices:

Appendix A is "Unresolved Issues: Processes and Country by Country".  It includes sections of "Looted Jewish Art", "Jewish Life Insurance Policies" and "Burial of Jewish Holocaust Victims". These are followed by country information.

Appendix B is "Across Borders (What has been done)" and includes sections on art, life insurance policies, bank accounts, communal property, etc.

Appendix C is "Ongoing Activity (Who is doing what)" and includes sections on the Israeli government, Jewish organisations, US government agencies and national foundations.

Appendix D is  "Post Holocaust Issues (Never Again!)" with sections on antisemitism, Holocaust denial, Shoah commemoration and historical commissions on national conduct during the Shoah.

The appendices are followed by a bibliography and acknowledgements.

The report is reproduced here in two parts. To read the first part, pp 1 -40, click here.  To read the second part, pp 41-82, click here