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International Archival Project: National Archival records on cultural property, its looting and restitution 2009

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In June 2009 a joint project of the national archives in Germany, the UK and the US, to digitise their Holocaust related records and provide them online was announced in Prague. 

An initial set of over one million Holocaust-related records - including millions of names and 26,000 photos from the US National Archives- went online at the end of September 2009.  The collection can be viewed at http://www.footnote.com/holocaust.  The Holocaust Records Collection Online contains archival materials from the US National Archives on Holocaust assets, related documents and photographs.

The German and British archival records are currently being digitised and a portal linking the archival records from the participating National Archives (Bundesarchiv, The National Archives, and the National Archives and Records Administration) will be launched in 2011.

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