Archival Records :

2012: Records in the State Archives

The Archives de l'État en Belgique (State Archives in Belgium) have just announced that in autumn 2012 they will publish an inventory of the Archives of l'Office de Récupération économique (ORE). ORE was set up in 1946 with the purpose of recovering Belgian artworks and archives which were plundered or disappeared during World War II. ORE also published a catalogue - the Répertoire d'oeuvres d'art dont la Belgique a été spoliée, Brussels, 1948 - containing information about 301 looted works of art. ORE ceased functioning in 1967. Its archival records include details of claims made and works recovered. For full details about ORE, click here.

As of 2 July 2012 a digitised copy of the archive of the International Tracing Service will be fully available to researchers. To access the archive and read more about obtaining copies of ITS documents, click here.