Dealer Records :

The Art Galleries and Auction Houses of Adolf Weinm├╝ller in Munich and Vienna 1936-1945

2012: This recently completed project of the Zentralinstitut für Kunstgeschichte Munich (project management) in cooperation with Neumeister Münchener Kunstauktionshaus GmbH & Co. KG, Munich, investigated the history of the "Münchener Kunstversteigerungshaus Adolf Weinmüller“ (Munich Art Auction House Adolf Weinmüller), the predecessor of today's Munich auction house Neumeister.

The project focused on the role Adolf Weinmüller played as an art dealer in Nazi Germany. Weinmüller had been dealing with art since 1921; in 1931, he joined the NSDAP; in 1936, he took over the auction house of the Jewish art dealer Hugo Helbing in Munich, and in 1938 the company of the Jewish art dealer Herbert Kende in Vienna. Classified a mere "Mitläufer“ in the denazification process after the war, Weinmüller continued working as an art dealer from 1948 until his death in 1958. In June 1958, Rudolf Neumeister took over the auction house in Munich.

Apart from investigating the company's history, the project collected and digitised Weinmüller's Munich and Vienna auction catalogues and has made them available online for researchers through the international cooperation project German Sales 1930-1945. Art Works, Art Markets, and Cultural Policy.  The results of the research project were published in May 2012.