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January 2014

In view of the forthcoming feature film which focuses on only three Monuments Men and Women, George Stout, James Rorimer and Rose Valland, Dr Greg Bradsher, archivist at NARA, has started a series of fascinating posts on some of the 'lesser known individuals'. His first post is on the British archaeologist Sir Leonard Woolley; his second is on the American Walter J. Huchthausen who was killed in action; his third is on Seymour Pomrenze, the first head of the Offenbach Archival Depot; his fourth is on Mason Hammond who served in Italy; his fifth is on Edith Standen, Director of the Wiesbaden Collecting Poing 1946-7; the sixth, written by Dr Sylvia Naylor, is on the Polish art historian Karol Estreicher; the seventh is on S Lane Faison of the OSS Art Looting Investigation Unit; the eighth is on Sir Hilary Jenkinson; this week's is on The Monuments Men and the Recovery of the Art in the Merkers Salt Mine April 1945.

There is also a longer essay by Greg Bradsher 'Monuments Men and Nazi Treasures'.

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