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Annotated Auction Catalogues of Adolf Weinm├╝ller (Munich/ Vienna) on


The annotated catalogues of the Nazi-era auction house Adolf Weinmüller were released online on 27 May 2014 on the database The information from the catalogues may be accessed on

In total data of 44 auctions was evaluated: All 33 auctions that took place in Munich between 1936 and 1943, as well as 11 of the 18 auctions that took place in Vienna between 1938 and 1944.

A German user guide has been provided on Please click here to access the German version. For an English translation of the German version of the user guide, click here.

List of consignor names

In order to assist families searching for their lost works of art, has created a table of all consignor names from the Munich and Vienna auction catalogues of Adolf Weinmüller. The family names are listed in alphabetical order with links to the relevant catalogues. Roughly 800 family names are listed in the table which is entirely searchable.

Please click here to see the entire list of family names published to date.