Gurlitt Case :

12 September 2014: Table of Gurlitt Works of Art posted on

The German Task Force ceased publication of works from the Cornelius Gurlitt collection on 15 January 2014. 458 works of art were published only, of a total of over 1,650, despite a commitment by the Task Force to publish all works. Neither the extra works found in Gurlitt's apartment announced in the press on 24 July, which consisted of sculptures by Auguste Rodin and Edgar Degas and one painting, nor the work on paper by Claude Monet found in his suitcase at the hospital announced on 5 September have been published on, though the Task Force promised to do so in the respective press releases announcing those discoveries. Although Cornelius Gurlitt died on 6 May 2014, the remit of the Task Force remains in force. To see an entirely searchable list of all 458 works, click here.