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The Mission

Following the discovery of more than 1000 artworks on the premises of the late Cornelius Gurlitt in Munich, Bavaria, a taskforce was established in November 2013 to ascertain which of these works had been expropriated from their owners by the National Socialist (Nazi) regime between 1933 more

The Team

The Taskforce was installed in January/February 2014 as an international team of experts composed of provenance researchers, museum professionals, contemporary historians, art historians and jurists from more

Claims and Inquiries

The Office of the Taskforce has received more than 300 letters and emails to date, and more continue to arrive. Some of these articulate well-defined claims, supported by relevant documentation. In its work on behalf of all victims of the Nazi regime, the Taskforce responds to every inquiry more

The Process

Provenance research, a complex and time-consuming process, documents the history of the creation and ownership of an object, ideally through an unbroken sequence of previous owners and transactions. With no inventory or reliable documentation of the artworks in Gurlitt’s ‘art trove’, the more



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