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Documentary 2016: The Claim: The Search for Stolen Art from WWII

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A 90 minute documentary in Dutch, directed by Ditteke Mensink, was screened on NPO, the Dutch television channel, on 5 December 2016.

The film focuses on two cases brought to the Dutch Restitutions Committee and follows the Committee's deliberations and two claimants.

Lion Tokkie is singlehandedly making a claim for an Isaac Israels' painting 'Children on the beach', which now hangs in a museum in Arnhem. But how can he prove that it was this particular version that hung above his grandfather's sideboard, when Israel painted several beach scenes and Lion has to rely on the childhood memories of his father? Clare Hamburger fled as a child to Switzerland where she still lives. She is hoping to recover two 17th century portraits hanging in the town of Roosendaal.

To see the English language trailer, click here. To see the film, click here.

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