Twenty years of reparation for anti-semitic spoliations during the Occupation: between compensation and restitution, Conference, Paris, 15 November 2019

Events and Conferences

On Friday 15 November, a conference will be held in Paris to review twenty years of French policy to repair
spoliations through the action of the CIVS and to outline the new prospects for this mission. In particular, it will be an opportunity to promote the new French organization for the restitution of looted cultural property, to examine practices in Europe, to present the latest progress in provenance research and to make the Network of European Restitution Committees known.

The conference will be held in French and English (simultaneous translation).

Registration is open from the month of July to 31 October.

For further information, please contact Ms Isabelle Rixte (isabelle.rixte@civs.gouv.fr) or Ms Emilie Boulanger (emilie.boulanger@civs.gouv.fr).

Organised by the French Mission de recherche et de restitution des biens culturels spoliés entre 1933 et 1945 and the CIVS (Commission pour l’indemnisation des victimes de spoliations) as part of the Network of European Restitution Committees on Nazi-Looted Art.

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