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Documentary film: Die Versteigerer - The Auctioneer

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November 2018:


Available online until 20 November, the subject of the 45 minute German language documentary by Jan N. Lorenzen and Michael Schönherr is the auctioneer Hans Klemm of Leipzig, who bought up the property of fleeing or deported Jews between 1933-1944, documenting every item purchased and sold. His lists include beds and sheets, socks and shirts, cupboards, plates, violins, pictures and porcelain.

The eagerness of the auctioneers and the German population to buy this Jewish property and profit from the fate of the Jews is shown in striking photographs and footage of the time, giving the lie to any idea that no one knew what was happening.  The profiteering is shown in the innumerable valuations and invoices listing the items bought from the Jews at minimal prices. Families who still own that Jewish property are interviewed. To watch the film,click here.

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