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Museums and the Holocaust (Second Edition)


Edited by Ruth Redmond-Cooper


January 2021


In January 2021, the Institute of Art and Law will publish the second edition of the late Norman Palmer’s classic work, Museums and the Holocaust. In the twenty years since the first edition was published the scale of the looting and deprivation carried out during the years 1933-1945 has become ever more apparent, and looted art works are resurfacing in museums and galleries around the world. The ways in which museums and governments have responded to the challenges of achieving justice when confronted with claims vary greatly and this book looks at a representative sample of countries to examine their approaches to this issue and the legislation they have enacted.

The book contains chapters on each of the countries with restitution committees (Austria, France, Germany, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom), together with a selection of other countries which highlight differences of approach (Australia, Greece, Hungary, Israel, Poland and the United States). Separate chapters examine issues of common concern, including the passing of title (ownership), limitation of actions and immunity from seizure. Transnational developments are also examined, including the discovery of the Gurlitt Hoard, the efforts of the Max Stern Foundation to recover lost works and the role of the Monuments Men during and in the aftermath of the War.

Table of Contents

Foreword ~ His Honour Judge Baumgartner
Preface ~ Ruth Redmond-Cooper

Part I: The Issues Confronting Museums and Claimants

Art and the Nazi Terror  ~ Norman Palmer
The Looting of Art from Jewish Property under National Socialist Tyranny: The Role of Nazi Legislation ~ Leonie Schwarzmeier
Original but not Enduring Title: Issues of Space and Time ~ Ruth Redmond-Cooper and Charlotte Dunn  
Loans: Immunity from Seizure and Suit ~ Charlotte Davy and Alexander Herman         
British Museums and Holocaust-Era Provenance Research ~ Jacques Schuhmacher

Part II: National Perspectives

United Kingdom ~ Charlotte Woodhead
Germany ~ Isabel von Klitzing and Carola Thielecke          
Netherlands ~ Evelien Campfens      
France ~ Corinne Hershkovitch        
Austria ~ Andreas Cwitkovits and Colette Huda      
Poland ~ Nawojka Cieślińska-Lobkowicz     
Hungary ~ Agnes Peresztegi 
Israel ~ Meir Heller, Keren Barth-Abelow and Talila Dvir
Greece ~ Anna Roza
USA ~ Nicholas O’Donnell
Australia ~ Andrew Dudley

Part III: International Perspectives

The Monuments Men: A Short Military and Legal History ~ Ian Upjohn
The Gurlitt Collection ~ Stephanie Drawdy
The Max Stern Art Restitution Project ~ Debbie De Girolamo
Twenty Years of the Washington Principles ~ Emily Gould

Hardback 338 Pages

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