Intersections: Dialogues on Memory, Justice and Restitution, Conference, Yale University Law School, 3 March 2023, 9am-9pm

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INTERSECTIONS is the Yale Law School conference on art, justice, and the law.

This is the culmination of almost two years of concerted effort by law students to form a multidisciplinary space to apply art law to human rights and cultural heritage management issues, consider the uses of art and aesthetics in social and legal movements, and support artists of many kinds in producing or protecting work.

This year’s conference theme is Dialogues on Memory, Restitution, and Justice. Boundary-shifting lawyers, artists, practitioners, and activists join in conversation to grapple with some of the hardest questions at the intersection of art and justice. In particular, the theme will be: How can the vision, language, and tools of art & law be mobilized to rectify loss and historic injustice?

The conference consists of two panels, one on restitution and repatriation of art, and a second on memory and transitional justice. Panelists for the restitution session will include Nicholas O'Donnell, Emmanuelle Pollack, Laurel Zuckerman and Antonia Bartoli.

There will also be a thematic tour of the Yale Art Gallery and a keynote address, connecting the issues of memory, justice, and repatriation to art. In line with the conference’s focus on thinking broadly about these issues, we are eager to engage the wider art law community in these dialogues.

 for the conference is now open for everyone (the conference is free and open to the public, but registration is required), and the website can be viewed here.

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