Olga Boznanska  (1865 - 1940)
Still-Life, 1934
Oil on cardboard
50 x 64.8 cm
Cat. No. 19
Signed Olga Boznanska 1934 Paryz
On the back numerous stickers from exhibitions, e.g.: International Exhibition in Paris 1937, Biennale Venezia 1938, a ''Grand Prix d''or'' sticker and others, as well as a customs seal.
Status: The object is looted. Its current location is unknown.

  • Owned by Boleslaw Wscieklica (rightful owner) in Warsaw.
    Lost between 1939-1945. (1)
Additional Information
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Reference Material
(1) 1. Kat.obrazów wywiezionych 1951, s. 29, catalogue number 58, il. 58;
2. Cat. of paintings removed 1953, s. 29, catalogue number 53, il. 53;
Chmielarska, Zajkowski, zbiory prywatne straty 1992, s. Ws.

Card number in the Office of the Government Commissioner for Polish Heritage Abroad archive: WAR004395
Source of Information
Anna Tyczynska and Krystyna Znojewska, Wartime Losses. Polish Painting. Oil Paintings, Pastels, Watercolours lost between 1939-1945 within the post-1945 borders of Poland, Polish Ministry of Culture and Art, Poznañ 1998, p. 34.

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