Little Church in Bretagne
Alfred Sisley  (1839 - 1899)
Little Church in Bretagne
Oil on wood
26 x 35 cm
Cat. No. 4204/a
Presented: "a M. Mainmas"
Status: The object is looted. Its current location is unknown.

  • Dr Ferenc Chorin (rightful owner). (1)
  • Collection of Alfred Kohner, Budapest.
  • H. O. Miethke collection, Vienna.
  • Auctioned at the Auction at the Ernst Museum, Budapest, XL VIII, 1934. 82, Plate XV.
Additional Information
"Dr. Ferenc Chorin (who was of Jewish descent) was a leading figure in the world of Hungarian finance capital. He was an industrialist and banker, and a key member of Hungary's National Association of Industrialists (GYOSZ). He kept a part of his collection in a bank, with the result that it was carried off to the Soviet Union by the Soviet Economic Officers' Commission. But Chorin belonged among those wealthy Jews who were able to survive the Holocaust by making over their industrial interests to the Germans in 1944, following the German occupation of Hungary in March of that year. His "agreement", which was made under duress, obviously lost its validity with the victory of the Allied forces. The other part of Chorin's collection, the part not deposited with a bank, was seized as Jewish property, and taken to the West by Szálasi's Arrow-Cross (Hungarian Nazi) government. These treasures were later returned to Hungary, and the family was able to recover them.
Chorin was not an art collector in the strict sense of the term. The richness of his collection lay in its quality. He purchased selected objects in order to make a pleasant home, one in keeping with his high social position. His residence was at Andrássy út 114., in Budapest.” See Sacco di Budapest, p 168.
This is one of the objects taken from the bank vault.
If you can provide any information about this object, please contact the address below.
Reference Material
(1) A köztulajdonba vett mûkincsek kiállítása (First Exhibition of Art Works Taken into Public Ownership). Catalogue by Kálmán Pogány. Hall of Exhibitions (Mûcsarnok), Budapest.*

Hungarian National Archives, XIX-J-12-*425/1947 and 512/1947
*Hall of Exhibitions (Mûcsarnok), Budapest 1919. Room IV. 1, p.43
Source of Information
Mravik, László, The “Sacco di Budapest” and the Depredation of Hungary, 1938-1949 (Works of art missing from Hungary as a result of the Second World War), Hungarian National Gallery publications, Budapest 1998.

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