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Tina Walzer

Tina Walzer is a historian and author, specialising in 19th and 20th century Austrian Jewish history, and lecturing at the University of Vienna. For the past ten years she has been tracing back six generations of Austrian Jewish families and building up a database on the Viennese Jewish population in the 19th century, to be published this year. She recently published with Stephan Templ, the journalist and architectural historian, the book Unser Wien: 'Arisierung auf Österreichisch'. Berlin: Aufbau Verlag 2001 (Our Vienna: Aryanization Austrian style ) arising from her extensive research on the expropriation of Austrian Jews, with special focus on Nazi looted art. A new version including the whole of Austria is forthcoming. In 2002 Tina Walzer completed the first extensive report on the 62 Jewish cemeteries of Austria and their cultural, artistic and historical characteristics, and she now acts as a consultant for their restoration. She also works as a consultant for Jewish families and Jewish communities in restitution matters, especially art restitution.
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