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'Vlug Report 25 December 1945'

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Vlug Report 25 December 1945


Jean Vlug


March 2009


A detailed report (marked "Confidential") on the activities of the Dienststelle Múhlmann, the group led by Kajetan Múhlmann, which was responsible for obtaining works of art for Hitler, Göring and other Nazi officials, was completed in December 1945 by Jean Vlug of the Royal Netherlands Army  for the Fine Arts (Special Services) section of the Dutch Restitution Committee.  The report includes inventories of art objects purchased (with prices), stolen or confiscated in areas under German occupation.

It was based on interrogations conducted by special invitation at S.S.U. Special Interrogation Centre, Alt Aussee, Austria; in Berlin, through the courtesy of British Element C.C. (M. F. A. & A.) and in Holland and France.  Those interrogated were:

Kajetan Mühlmann
Rosa Bauer - secretary to Kajetan Mühlmann
Joseph Mühlmann - half-brother of Kajetan Mühlmann
Madame Jaremtchenko - secretary to Joseph Mühlmann
Hilda Ziegler Mühlmann - second wife of Kajetan Mühlmann
Wildenhofer - transport agent for Kajetan Mühlmann
Eduard Plietsch - art expert, second in command of the Dienststelle Mühlmann
Rompa - chauffeur and confidential man to the Dienststelle Muhlmann
Myrthel Frank - principal middleman and agent for the Dienststelle Mühlmann
Maurice Lagrand - principal buyer and agent for Joseph Mühlmann at Paris

The report is in 11 sections:

1.  Task
2.  Administration
3.  Personalities: Kajetan Mühlmann, Eduard Plietsch, Joseph Mühlmann, Kiesslinger, Ernst, SS Mayer, Degenhart, Rose Bauer, Jacobus Rompa, Kurt Eder (died in Russia 1942)
4.  Relations with Nazi Organisations: Feindvermögen; the Sicherheitsdienst (S.D.)
5.  Methods: Forced sales (The Mannheimer Affair and Exchange Kröller Müller); Confiscations; Exchanges; Auction
6.  Dealers
7.  Clients: Hitler, Göring; Other Nazi Officials; Purchases for the Baudirektion Krakau
8.  Insurance, transport and present condition of the objects
9.  Branches: La Dienststelle Mühlmann en France; La Dienststelle Mühlmann en belgique
10. Present Location of Objects: American Zone; English Zone; French Zone; Russian Zone
11. Attachments: German Revisions and Treuhand Action gesellschaft. Geschäftsstelle The Hague, No. 11; Papers from the Handelsmaatschappy Hr. Albert de Bary & Co. N.V.

The complete report is available on this website in five parts:

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