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This section contains recent information of international application. It is organised in varous categories, as set out in the menu on the left side of this page, including the following categories:

  • Network of European Restitution Committees on Nazi-Looted Art

  •  Looted Art Bibliographies

  • Research Programmes

  • Seeking Owners of Identified Looted Property
  • Governmental Conferences and Hearings
  • Restitutions and Case News
  • Web Resources
  • Laws, Policies and Guidelines
  • International Bodies and Reports 
  • Lawsuits
  • Research Resources
  • Art Trade
  • Events and Conferences
  • Press, television, radio and film

    Click on the left to select a category. Examples of the range of information in particular categories are:
  • Seeking Owners of Identified Looted Property: provides lists of names of individuals whose looted property has been identified in institutions in Germany and whose heirs are being sought.

    Restitutions and Case News: provides details of claims and cases ruled on or settled outside the courts with copies of reports and rulings. Full details of a comprehensive range of cases can be found in the News Archive, which is fully searchable by name of family, artwork, museum, city, etc.

    Web Resources: provides details of various online databases of looted paintings, results of provenance research in countries around the world, archival records available online and other research materials.

    Lawsuits: provides details of claims and cases ruled on or being settled in court with copies of court filings and judgements.

    Research Resources: provides details of family records, tracing services, art historical resources, texts of post-war reports, and books and publications.

    Please always refer also to individual country information where more detailed and extensive information in all these categories is available.

    The site is regularly updated with new resources and developments.  To provide details of resources or cases to add to the site, please email


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