Looted Art as Realm of Memory, Workshop, Centre for Historical Research of the Polish Academy of Sciences in Berlin, 14-16 December 2016

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Place: Centre for Historical Research of the Polish Academy of Sciences in Berlin, Majakowskiring 47, D-13156 Berlin

First Day, Wednesday 14.12.2016


Opening Lecture
Benedicte Savoy, Erinnerung an Beutekunst... im Film

Welcome Dinner (Majakowskiring 47, D-13156 Berlin)

Second Day, Thursday 15.12.2016

09.00 do 10.30
Małgorzata A. Quinkenstein, Why is there a Looted Art?

Victoria Soloschenko, Raubkunst als Erinnerung - am Beispiel Russland und der Ukraine

Leora Bilsky, Cultural Restitution: Memory and the Limits of Private Property

10.30 – 11.00
Coffee break

11.00 – 13.00
Nawojka Cieslińska-Lobkowicz, Das Spannungsfeld von Nationalgedächtnis und Politik: Restitution in Europa

Jens Boysen, Politisch korrekte Verdrängung: Zur diskursiven Abwesenheit sowjetischer und polnischer Raubakte an deutschem Kulturgut

Dirk Hainbuch, Die Entschädigung für - bzw. die Rückgabe von - Werten während und nach dem Ersten Weltkrieg

Ulrike Preuss, „Zot le-zikaron“: the books of Ludwig Levy in the State and University Library Hamburg

13.00 – 14.30

14.30 – 16.00
Patricia Kennedy Grimsted, Tracing Pan-European Looted Art in Russia, Poland, and Ukraine: The Case of the Erich Koch Collection.

Katharina Ute Mann, Bewahren vor dem Vergessen – Eine Erinnerung an den Symbolisten Edward Okuń und seine verschollenen Werke

Helge Björn Horrisland, Situation Report on Masonic Restitution after WW II

16.00 – 16.30
Coffee break

16.30 – 18.30
Elżbieta Rogowska, Jolanta Miśkowiec, Activities related to the topic of war losses and their impact on the restitution of art works

Nathalie Neumann, The art collection of Julius Freund: Sold in Switzerland but restituted in Germany – a debate on looted art

Beata Jurkowicz, Looted Art and Restitution as a Topic in the Media. A Bone of Contention: the Prussian State Library in the Polish Media

Regine Dehnel, Veränderte Sichtweisen auf Kriegsverluste deutscher Museen (und Bibliotheken)


Third Day, Friday 16.12.2016

9.00 – 11.00
Wesley A. Fisher and Ruth J. Weinberger, The Restitution of History: Towards Listings and Databases that Reflect the Full History of Cultural Assets Plundered During the Nazi Era

Jean Marie Carey, Can Turm der blauen Pferde Be Found, and Do We Want to Find It? Questions and Interim Case Study of Schöpfungsgeschichte II and Geburt der Pferde

Sebastian Finsterwalder, We’d love to see ANY information. Nazi-looted cultural assets as intermediate carriers of memory.

Simon Pollack Sarnecki, Looted art in Sweden and the media, a case study

11.00 – 11.30
Coffee break

11.30 – 13.00
Holger Stoecker, Der Brachiosaurus brancai im Museum für Naturkunde Berlin – ein naturkundliches Starobjekt als deutscher und tansanischer Erinnerungsort?

Liza Weber , d1, Kassel, Germany, 1955

Benjamin Fellmann, (Nazi) Art looting as realm of Memory in Contemporary Art


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Call for Papers

The aim of this workshop is to discuss the commemoration of as well as current research on the subject of lost cultural assets. The workshop will deal with the phenomenon of publishing looted art, i.e. lost works of art and cultural assets during World War II, and it will scrutinize newest research on the provenance and restitution of looted art. It should help examine how memory of this phenomenon is created in different societies and nations and how it is dealt with in the public media, art, literature, and in social and political discourse.

The subject of the loss of works of art and cultural assets as well as their restitution has not only raised societal discussion, but has also resulted in academic and artistic studies on that matter. In this context, it seems to be important to collect the voices of scholars from different countries as well as of representatives of culture und art with regards to the topic of commemoration and broaching the issue of looted art.

Instead of considering the legal basis of restitution, the workshop will focus on memory cultures with regards to the loss of national symbols and/or important iconic references to the history of given societal groups.

The workshop will focus on the following problems and questions:

-          looted art and restitution as a topic in the media

-          the loss of works of art as a subject in the works of artists

-          the procedure of illegal art trade as an element of social life

-          the resolutions of the Washington Conference (1998) and their influence on the changing image of European restitution in societal reception

Please send your abstracts (ca. 1500 signs) and a short CV with contact details and affiliation until 21 May 2016 to: (coordination: Małgorzata A. Quinkenstein).


Practical information:

-          Speakers will be chosen from replies to the call for papers.

-          The workshop is not public. It will take place in the library of the Centre for Historical Research of the Polish Academy of Sciences, Majakowskiring 47, D-13156 Berlin.

-          The papers should not extend 20 minutes of speaking time and will be accompanied by commentaries of experts in the field.

-          Speakers are kindly asked to hand in an abstract of their paper (1-2 pages) two weeks before the workshop.

-          Working languages are German and English. 

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