27 June 2018 Khochinsky v Republic of Poland

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The lawsuit filed by Alexander Khochinsky against the Republic of Poland seeking declaratory relief and money damages for Poland’s alleged retaliation against him for seeking restitution for the property his family lost when they fled before the advancing Nazi army in 1939, using false allegations to seek his extradition and nearly destroying his livelihood.

In 2010 Khochinsky learned a painting he had inherited might have been taken from a Polish museum during the war. Hoping that mutual desires for restitution would make Poland more willing to consider paying his family for land in Przemysl that had been taken from them, he contacted Poland about both his family’s land and the painting. The suit alleges that Poland reacted vengefully to Khochinsky's request for compensation. It invented false charges that Khochinsky had knowingly received stolen goods, and it sought to have him extradited from his home in the United States.

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