Passé, présent, avenir d’oeuvres récupérées en Allemagne en 1945. Les MNR des Musées de Strasbourg, Exhibition, Galerie Heitz, Palais Rohan, Strasbourg, 22 October 2022-15 May 2023

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In the aftermath of the Second World War, 61,000 works and art objects were recovered in Germany by the Allied forces and brought back to France. Many of them had belonged to despoiled Jewish families. More than 45,000 items of property were returned to their owners. Among the unclaimed property, approximately 2,200 works were placed under the responsibility of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and entrusted to the custody of national museums before some of them were deposited in regional museums. These works are not part of the national collections and remain on provisional inventories. These works are commonly referred to by the acronym “MNR” (Musées Nationaux Récupération).

The Museums of the City of Strasbourg keep 27 MNR within their walls: seven objects (Museum of Decorative Arts and Museum of the Work of Notre-Dame) and 20 paintings (Museum of Fine Arts and Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art). Like the other museums conserving MNR property, the City of Strasbourg Museums have the task of facilitating research aimed at identifying the owners of these works, with a view, if necessary, to restitution to their heirs. The University and the Museums of the City of Strasbourg are joining forces to study these objects and their legal status and an international symposium organized in the spring of 2023 will complete this Heitz gallery presentation.

In partnership with the University of Strasbourg 

Curators: Thibault de Ravel d'Esclapon, lecturer at the University of Strasbourg and Dominique Jacquot, chief curator at the Museum of Fine Arts.

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