Son of top Nazi official returns looted art

BBC News 28 February 2017

The son of a senior Nazi official has returned three stolen works of art to their rightful owners in Poland. In what the Polish government believes is a first, Horst Waechter returned an 18th-century map of Poland, built into a small table, and two historic drawings taken by his late mother from a museum in the city of Krakow.

Horst Waechter is the son of Otto Waechter, the wartime Governor of Krakow, who expelled thousands of Jews from the city in 1940. Later, tens of thousands of Jews were sent to extermination camps during a period when he was Governor of Galicia.

In a radio interview, Horst Waechter told Newshour's James Coomarasamy why he decided to return the works of art.  To hear the interview, click on the link below.
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